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Cause of Lithium Polymer Battery Swelling

What is Cause of Lithium Polymer Battery Swelling

1. The cell is overcharged or over discharged , both will cause the electrolyte to decompose.

2. High temperature will lead to electrolyte decomposition. You will find severe swelling, the internal resistance of the battery increases, little electrolyte can be seen, as well as the storage temperature or working temperature is much higher than standard working temperature

3. The aluminum-plastic film of the cell is damaged and can be found electrolyte decomposition

4. The internal short circuit of the battery

5. The external short circuit of the battery, when it happened, nickel tab has burnt and the diaphragm is severely shrunk

6. Poor edge sealing of the cell leads to leakage

Soldering Temperature for Pins

What is the soldering Temperature for Battery Pin

The soldering Temperature should be different as per the alloy, soldering machine as well as the soldering method, but need to pay attention battery body temperature cannot exceed 85°C. Avoid the battery surface heated with high temperatures, otherwise, which will cause electrolyte leakage, deterioration of battery characteristics and risking bursting or ignition.

Battery Pin Weldability

Battery Pin Wetting & Weldability

Concerned the solder-ability and wetting performance, which mainly depends on the following elements:

    1. Soldering method.

    2. Soldering alloy and flux.

    3. Soldering temperature.

Soldering Techniques

Different Type of Soldering Techniques

1. With a soldering iron

Avoid the soldering iron to make the direct contact with the battery body. Complete the soldering quickly within a few seconds while maintaining the iron tip temperature at above 300°C and do not allow the temperature of the battery bodies too high to reach 85°C.

2. Automatic soldering equipment

Soldering with automatic welding equipment should to note, avoid the temperature of the battery bodies exceed 85°C. The soldering dipping temperature cannot exceed 260°C and dipping duration not more than 5 sec. Total times of dipping cannot beyond 2times.

Material of Battery Solder Pins

Material of Pins

    1. Tin plating pin---Easier for soldering.

    2. Nickel plating pin---Not easier for soldering

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